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Sturgeon Technology from Russia 

Each year sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) breed attracts more and more players of the world fish market and ornamental fish business. Many sturgeon farms had been founded and successfully functioning today in many countries of the world, producing verity of products, such as: famous black caviar, hot smoked sturgeon fillet, cold smoked sturgeon fillet and sturgeon meat. Key to the successful breeding and multiplying of the sturgeon breed is in quality of the fertilized eggs – roe eggs, mature eggs and whitebait of sturgeon.


Trading with sturgeon species is protected by CITES convention, that is why you can purchase fertilized egg of sturgeon (embryo) only from legendary vendors – they get their products from brood stock that pass domestication in aquaculture farms, and not using the resources of wild nature. 

We sale fertilized eggs of sturgeon originated from aquaculture of Russia. In evidence of this we have been certified and can present:
- CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species;
- health certificate;
- certificate of origin; 
- and other official Russian documents proving origin of the product.

Company offers whitebait, larvae and mature eggs of the followings spices of the fish from Russia:
 Нuso huso, also known as Beluga;
 Acipenser baerii (Siberian sturgeon) and its hybrids;
 Acipenser gueldenstaedtii (Russian sturgeon) and its hybrids;
 Acipenser ruthenus (Sterlet) and its hybrids;
 Acipenser nudiventris (Sevruga or Stellate sturgeon);
 Bester, hybrid species of the Beluga and Sterlet.

Taking into account the complexity of processing all the necessary documents for export of larvae and mature eggs of sturgeon, we are kindly asking you to submit an application in advance – in two to three months before real contract execution begins. We will consider all offers.

Delivery of purchased products is executed by air from Moscow (Russia), professionally, in a special package in compliance with all rules of IATA and veterinary requirements of buyers.

The normal condition of the delivery is to deliver the goods to the cargo warehouse of the buyer's country's international airport, or delivery by accompanied baggage.

In addition, at the request of the client, we can carry out the incubation of eggs, the exposure of larvae and participation in the growing of juveniles.

We have the experience of the author's support and technology transfer to establish farms for the production of black caviar and meat of sturgeon and sturgeon delicacies. This is confirmed by the authority of the main founders of our company.

Our Professional Services for Development and Provision of Sturgeon Farms:
1. Using sturgeon farms in your aquaculture. Methods of growing. Types of sturgeon farms.
2. Searching of nature conditions for successful sturgeon farm creation.
3. Types of sturgeon production. Standards of fish and caviar for trading. Methods of fish processing. Caviar, methods of salting, conservation and saving.
4. Transportation of fertilized eggs, larvae, fry and other age groups of sturgeon.
5. Methods of incubation of sturgeon eggs.
6. Growing of larvae and fry of sturgeon to durable stages.
7. Growing of sturgeon to selling size. Presale preparation. Basic standards.  
8. Sturgeon feeding methods.
9. Sturgeon diseases, their precautions and treatment.
10. Forming of brood stock for the fertilized eggs production.
11. Using of hormones injections and ultrasonic scanning.
12. Basic markets and prices for sturgeon production.

We will consider all requests.

For application, please email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Or fill out the form

We will respond to you, and will contribute to your success.